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Leadlight and Stained Glass Repair

Whilst aesthetically pleasing, leadlight and stained glass are often poorly constructed. Poorly made leadlight windows commonly are the result of improperly fitted glass and joints that are weakly or overly soldered. This can put strain on the glass which leads to stress cracks as well as allowing the elements to seep inside when the manifold is not sealed correctly.

Penrose Glass offers a variety of services involving the repair or replacements of part of whole sections of leadlight windows which we undertake with specialised care.

Older windows can also be repaired or damaged panels be replaced, but due to changes in methods of making our stained glass products some textures and hues may be difficult to replicate but most older styles can be reproduced. Our range of colours and textures is quite extensive and the vast majority of older colours are available.

Leadlight framework repair is also part of our service. We handle all aspects of regarding the replacement of damaged framework as well as the resoldering of joints to ensure the stained glass panels are properly housed. Application of new putty to replace old, cracked seals is also available and guarantees the leadlight panel is held in place and weatherproof.

Restoration of the glass panelling is also available and can be carried out when the lead is being replaced. This service is especially popular for antique stained glass that become dulled with age and can find new longevity with our expert rejuvenation.

For further information on our leadlight and stained glass products, visit our Leadlight and Stained Glass page.